Looking at typography

I am starting to look at the type of font that I could use for the basis of the title of my magazine front cover. I want it to be quite simple, as I think that it will work more effectively when I add the Si Scott inspired illustration that I plan to involve. Generally, magazines tend to use capital letters to head their magazines, as well as a relatively plain, bold font so that it stands out on the shelf. I plan to do the same so that it is instantly recognisable, and I also think that it will contrast well with henna style illustration that I plan to involve. The fonts that I have experimented with her in descending order are; Myriad Pro, Century, News Gothic and Kabel Bk BT.


Photograph edits


Here, I have edited my photo so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer and more enticing when I experiment with using it as a front cover. I have increased the contrast and brightness of the image, and I have then selected the grass in the image and increased the saturation on just that part of the image, so that the confetti is not affected as well. This makes the whole image brighter as it was not a very bright day at the time of which I took the photographs.

Confetti Variation-hands










I have here taken pictures of the confetti held in hands as I feel that this is appropriate as it further suggests the Hindu culture as hands are a very prominent feature of the Hindu wedding, and people are required to hold different objects in the palms of their hands at multiple occasions throughout the ceremony.


I earlier chose the name ‘Jaimala’ for the title of my magazine, however I’m not sure that this is applicable for my magazine that concentrates on the cross over between the Hindu and Western cultures in weddings. I think that I should keep the base typography of the title relatively simple, as that is usually the case with magazine front covers, and they are also usually in uppercase lettering. This is so that they are bold and easily recognisable. I am going to also experiment with adding a Si Scott type flair to my typography, although I plan to keep it subtle, and so that it is not overpowering.

Magazine front cover

Here, I have started to put my photographs into the format that my final piece will become, as a magazine front cover. I have created it as a template, which I then need to add the real text and title etc. into. I have edited the photo to make it look more aesthetically pleasing by making the grass more green and the confetti more white as it looked a bit off colour due to the lighting of the photograph.

Different surfaces

I have tried here to take pictures of the confetti (tracing paper variation pictured) on grass. I think that this looks quite realistic as confetti is usually thrown outside a church after the bride and groom have just been wed in western culture, and so I want to re enact that, but with the Hindu suggestion via the henna printed onto the confetti-suggesting a crossover of the two cultures.